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Bonus: Business Systems Summit Guest Speaker
We are very pleased to have been invited as a speaker at the recently-concluded Business Systems Summit. From Ins and[...]
Episode 8 – Tanja and Her VA
"I can honestly tell you how it (VA) has changed my life, having that person who can take so much[...]
Episode 7 – Processes & How to Implement Them
Processes are the backbone of every successful company.  And yet, most of us don’t take the time to put our[...]
Episode 6 – Overwhelm Works Both Ways
Do you distract your staff or overload them with projects? Are they so overwhelmed, they don’t know how to prioritise?[...]
Episode 5 – Pay Rates and Bonuses
How much do you pay? What currency and what rate? What is the value of a burger around the world?[...]
Episode 4 – Relationship Building
Growing loyalty, appreciation and value and turning that into people who are JVs in your company. Listen on iTunes  |[...]
Episode 3 – Define Your Job Description
How to write a great job description to get only top level candidates to apply.  Quality versus Quantity, and how[...]
Episode 2 – Where to Find Your Staff
Agency or Freelance, India or Philippines, learn the differences across the board. What countries are known for what skillset. Does the[...]
Episode 1 – Introduction to Ins & Outs of Outsourcing
Meet Esther Anderson and learn how and why she jumped into hiring online staff and then maximised employing them by creating her[...]
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