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Building Company Culture in a Virtual Office

Company Culture reflects the passions and values that team members share through their relationships and how they interact with one another. Most often, a workplace becomes a happy and easy place for employees especially when they are able to share the same values.

As digital technology progresses, Virtual Companies are becoming more common, and more acceptable to employ staff around the globe and run the company through the benefit of the internet.

Take for example Teck-nology Design and Marketing. Esther Anderson started her Website Design company 10 years ago and within 2 years needed staff. She started with two virtual staff from different countries, and then as her client base grew, so did the need to expand. She hired an additional VEA (Virtual Executive Assistant) from the Philippines and found a funnel expert based in Canada. She now has a diversity of employees from different countries like Canada, India, Philippines and locally in Australia working for her towards a common goal-- which is to make the company grow.

Developing a Culture Despite Diversity

The key person to creating the culture is the leader/ business owner. How you show your passion for the business and willingness to embrace the diversity will make your virtual employees understand and appreciate the business.

Here’s a few tips on how to develop a culture within a virtual company:

  1. Set the values and adhere to it

Discuss with your staff the values that you would like the company to portray. Let them know exactly what culture you would like to develop within the company.

  1. Show your passion

Understand that most employees start in a company to only gain profit and experience regardless of the employment setting is (remote or in an office). It is the owner of the company’s job to show their employees their passion for the business so that everyone will see the value of their business as well.

  1. Appreciate and Listen

Make it a habit to appreciate small things. Remember that most virtual offices rely on chat software to communicate. Your tone of voice and manner of speaking may not be perceived correctly through typed words. When employees are performing well let them know that they are appreciated. Also, listen to suggestion, make it a point that the open door policy is implemented.


Keeping a virtual company may be challenging but by building a strong foundation and culture challenges will be easily overcome. Connection and constant interaction through virtual office meeting can help keep your employees feel that they are part of something big.