A Great Team!

Outsourcing when you start out, is the luck of the draw.

Imagine the odds.

You are on the other side of the world, you do not speak the same base language as your employee. You have different work ethics, different customs, different experiences and the Big  One – different understandings of the same word.

So you advertise, you sift through the applications and then you select someone.

Is this a ‘keeper’ or a ‘do for now?’

Think about going for a job in your own country where you know exactly who your boss is, what work they want you to do and you and him already are on the same wave length. Really you are just checking out to see if you click and you like the money.

Now think of doing all that with a blindfold, bad writing skills and no understanding of who is reading what you are writing.  And why do you do it? The money. You think you can pay someone 10 cents in the $ without employing in your own country.

Some times it works and some times it doesn’t.

Team Meeting in Manilla

Finding Treasures

In my case, when I first advertised for someone, is that because there is no one else in my small town that could provide the skills I needed.  So I went offshoring.  Yes I had a few ‘bad dates’ but then there were a couple where we clicked and got it right.  Out of the original 4 that I hired, I still have 2 that are the back bone of my company.  Was it planned that way?  Nope, I got lucky, very lucky.  I wrote my ad for an online job portal and they picked me first.  Since then, I have written many job ads, interviewed both for my own company and on behalf of others, employed directly and through agencies, and seen what works, what doesn’t and the many problems that people have.  Both as employees and as employers.  I regularly travel overseas to train my staff and to train other employers on how to get the most out of each person within their company.  After all, if the staff are not on your side, then they are another roadblock to building your company to the heights that you dream of.

Listening Intently 

Classroom Teachings

Why this Country?

​The Philippines was not deliberate and in fact, it was anywhere but there.  Only because I had never dealt with the country or the people, not because of any previous misconception.  In fact my first country was India.  There I had a design agency working for me, for about 8 months.

It was by chance that both Vic and Gera applied for the positions I had advertised for and Gera actually lived near Cebu.  I was headed over to a Mastermind in March and thought 'Hey pretty cool. We can meet."   Vic flew down from Manila and so began our first workshop.

After my staff base was added, and then internally we started interviewing and employing there, the majority of staff are from the Philippines. Although we have and still use staff from India, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, China and Poland.

Each country and culture has pros and cons.  I do not rank one country higher than the others as it is always very dependant on the individuals themselves. ​

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